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Divider , light and easy one handed handling

Dividers are used for measuring distances, especially for navigation. The stiffness is adjustable using a screw.

  • Light => If it falls it will not make marks on floors or tables, unlikely to hurt

  • Floats => It can be rescued

  • Sharp tips => Will stay foot on paper charts

  • Extends to 5 nautical miles on a 1 : 50 000 scale chart

  • Non magnetic => No compass disturbances

  • Tightening feature => If and when its wears, stiffness can be adjusted

  • Handling knob => Easy to measure distances by divider steps in half, full nautical miles, or by ony chosen distance

    Made to order - can include some customisation

See the short video in the product description: https://youtu.be/aAW_i-9N_MQ

The legs can be opened/closed either by sliding a finger between them, or by squeezing the bulging. Wider legs halfway inhibits potential bending that could introduce measurement faults. Of the total of 5 parts, only the knot and bolt can be separated, the other parts are manufactured as integral parts with a minimum of play.

The model is designed by Jöns Aschan. Copyright 2023.