We plan, draw and print devices. If the part is already drawn and printed successfully, depending on size and number of pcs, they can be ready within an hour. A bigger part may take until the following day. Bigger amounts need to be scheduled.

  • We choose the material to match the product need.

  • Printed products are generally not perceived as food safe or waterproof. Depending on the skills, experience, material and other forms of construction there might be smaller or bigger unintended pinholes. Those pinholes might leak or collect organic material such as bacteria. Storing food long term, or repeatedly is generally not recommended without surface preparation. The plastics are generally non toxic.

Cage with ø20cm diameter


Can-Stand for Power Gas


Divider , light and easy one handed handling


Droppost remote leaver - gravelbike


Drysuit pressure testing devices


Exped sleeping mattress coupling female part. Screwed to the collar plug for Drysuit pressure testing.


Fairline mounts for kayak deck and other water craft

Iceclaws and measure made by Kajk.fi

Kajakkiluukun kansi 150 mm halkaisijalla. Räätälöitävissä.


Kelluttava avainperä 30mm halkaisijalla.


Kelluttava avainperä 40mm halkaisijalla


luistinpidikkeet - teräsuojat


Makita Flip ja Einhell imurin yhdistyskappale


Mittakoukku Kajk.fi


Mouthpiece for eXped sleeping mattresses.


NNN BC binding boot lock-pin protection


Pikaliitin uros ja naaras, lukituksella ( ilman metalliosia )

Pilli , voimakasääninen joustava puhalluspilli


Puhelimen kiinnitysteline autoon tai veneeseen - Kajk

Sony HDR action camera mount - chest

Säätökulma Muovinen


Valley Nordkapp PE - Skeg adjustment knob