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Droppost remote leaver - gravelbike
  • Remote for gravel/road bike handlebars. It is intended to be used with seat dropposts which enable dynamic seat height adjustments.

  • For handlebar diameter 23.4 mm +/- 2 mm.

  • The clamp part is UV-resistant plastic and follows the typical curvature of a road/gravelbike handlebar.

  • Installation is intended to be below breaks and changer leavers, on left hand side.

  • Includes a cable tension adjusting screw

  • Make sure that the cable operate smoothly and pull back by their own force. No kinks. Excessive force during installation or use, might break the leaver. We have used this remote successfully on a Trek Checkpoint ALR5 gravelbike since 14th of July 2023. Cables are internal - except on sections of the handlebar.

  • Latest improvement is a curved lever to allow for a more relaxed finger space when the leaver is not in use.

  • Clamping using a 3 mm allen key on 4 mm diameter screw. Locking slot for the 7mm nut.

It is designed by Jöns Aschan