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Drysuit pressure testing devices

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Price with selected options€195.00

Do you suspect a leak in your drysuit, or need to make sure for somebody else? A quick and affordable way is to pressure test the drysuit. We do have devices for that purpose. Plugs for wrist and collar gaskets, valves and couplings for inflating.

This package includes wrist and collar plugs, valves for inflating. The collar plug has hooks on the inside for suspending using the shoulder straps, and the outside ring has holes for cords if suspeding the suit is wanted during the testing.

Coupling include a valve to prevent the suit getting empied halfway of filling. This valve can be attached to the collar plug. The coupling matches 8.5 mm inner diameter pipes. Let us know if you would like to inflate using an eXped sleeping mattress inflation bag. We can provide a solution to be attached to a large size drybag.

Testing advances like this

  • Attatch the plugs

  • Inflate the drysuit ( for example with a drybag and eXped inflation coupling ).

  • Observe if the suit holds air. Locate possible leaks and repair or get them repaired.

  • Large leaks will need to get fixed first. Smaller leaks can be found using moderately soapy water. Holes will appear as soap bubbles. Mark the leaks - possibly with the drysuit turned inside out. Spread the soapy water by sweeping with a sponge, or a flourists spray flask.

  • When marked, rinse away the soapy water and let the suit dry. Then repair as appropriate.

  • Pressure test again. An older suite might not get 100% leakproof. Fabric will wear, especially around arms, socks and knees.