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Mouthpiece for eXped sleeping mattresses.

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Price with selected options€13.00

Make a Exped sleeping mattress pump out of your drybag. It fits the "newer" mouthpieces, available for example with the Exped Synmat Basic 7.5 M. Two pieces to screw through the selected bag, and an additional closing cap.

Using this you will quickly pump your Exped sleeping mattress. You will have to open a round hole in your bag. A clean round 14mm diameter opening into which the inner piece with outer threads is fitted. Then the outer mouthpiece is threaded onto the inserted inner piece. Togheter they clamp the fabric. Both pieces have a slot fitting a 2 euro coin to help tightening. You may want to waterproof the joint between the fabric and mouthpiece using appropriate glue. A cap to close the mouthpiece follows with the two other parts.

  • Innerpiece with outer thread

  • Outer mouthpiece fitting the Exped smaller valve. With inner threads

  • Flexible closing cap

  • Made in Finland out of strong ASA plastic and durable TPU

  • Lift your sleeping mattress nozzle a little when filling so that the valve can open an let the air in