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Valley Nordkapp PE - Skeg adjustment knob

Valley Nordkapp PE kayak adjustment knobs withstand rough handling for a long time but may break before the kayak is worn out. This is a replacement knob for the older PE kayaks produced early 2010 to 2020.

The material is made out of UV-resistant plastic with a core of salt water resistand sstainless steel wire locking mekanism. The skrew head is matching the original 2.5 mm allen key.

This is the knob located on the lefthand side of the cockpit. Using the knob and skeg (adjustable fin) the paddler can trim the kayak with changing wind direction, and so avoid having to constantly sweep on one side to get the kayak going where the paddler wants it to go. A retracted skeg is best when making turns.

  • The color is black as the originals.

  • The buyer is also sent instructions on how the knob is changed, as well as how the adjustment wire life can be extended and made more reliable.