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Paddle tour by kayak with Cottage accommodation, Alglo (Tammisaari)
From €345.00 / 2 d
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Join our weekend kayak paddle experience staring Friday afternoon. First day goes to our cottage basecamp on one of the outer islands. Explore some of the most exclusive locations, likely parts of the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park, have meals and dinner served by our guide, and retun back on Sunday afternoon. Welcome once again to join our exiting kayak paddle tour.

You will join a group of 4-6 persons. Meeting by the shore Friday evening at 17hrs and return on Sunday at 16hrs. We visit the most iconic sights within reach of the group and daypaddles of 10-20 km. Some of the destinations are private and we ask participants not to mark them in digital or other public media. 


Meals included: day 1 : dinner, day 2 päivä: breakfast, fieldlunch, dinner, 3: breakfast and fieldlunch

Included equipment: Seakayak, paddle, spraydeck, personal floatation

Participants: 4-6 persons

Time: We maat at the shore at 17hrs, Return to our starting point, Sunday at 16hrs.  

Starting place: Sommarö Strand from where a 10km (2-3 hours) paddle. We reserve the right to change the starting place if the circumstances so requires.

Skills required: You need to have experience of  short daytours and the basic paddle skills with manouvering singlehadedly your boat. You also need to manage paddling in headwinds for several kilometers.  We recommend skills comparable to what is defined as European Paddle pass level 2 (EPP2, Meloja 2, Paddelpass Gul)

Personal equipment to bring with you: Normal paddling equipment, ie.

  • change of clothes watertightly packed,
  • wind and water protective cover clothing,
  • sleepingbag,
  • plate, fork, knife, spoon, mug,
  • Bottle of drinking water,
  • bathingtowel, personal hygien equipment,
  • personal medicines,
  • sunscreen,
  • cap/hat, sunglasses,
  • swimsuit,
  • mosquito repellent,
  • phone pouch - waterproof,
  • waterproof packing bags, or plastic bags for your equipment,
  • possible personal extra snacks that withstand expected outside temperatures