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Baggö - Jussarö sea kayak tour thru the Ekenäs archipelago, Finland
€90.00 / 8 h
Price includes 1 person.

A wonderful, possibly demanding, visit to the Jussarö island. The tour is guided which means that the guide chooses the route and secures the safety of the group also on the open water stretches. The Paddlingsfabriken assigned guide will make continuous asessments on wether a participant is capable to safely paddle the open water part, taking into account the individual paddlers, group skills and weather predictions. Weather, especially winds dominate and can also surprise on the waters around the island. The difference between windspeeds of 3 m/s and east/west winds of 7 m/s are substantial, flat water compared to waves of 1 meter in height. Highere winds do also, for safety, require experience with rescues in high seas.

Our assigned guide has the right to change the desination and route of the tour to stay in the inner archipelago. Alternatively the group may be split in two with different desinations meeting the skills of the paddlers, and only part of the paddlers visit Jussarö. The guide discusses and asesses the options with the participants at the first meeting in the Baggö harbour, and onwards during the tour. If the consensus is that the participant or the group cannot be brought safely through the tour and back to shore from Jussarö and outside transportation is therefore needed to bring the customer to safe waters, the customer will be responsible for the extra expenses.

A lot of documentation is available about Jussarö and its history with piloting, its village and its two mining periods. Waters around the island hides a number of shipwrecks. Most of the documentation is either in swedish or in finnish. The island has a summercafé grilling places, a guest harbour and a nature trail. The trail leads thru the National Park forest on the island. The southeast beach is unique with its black coulour and open seascape. If the weather permits we might the vicinity of Jussarö lighthouse further south of the big island, or paddle an extra 10 km around the island. 

Reserve at latest: 2 days in advance.

Includes:  Kayak, paddle, PFD, spraydeck and paddlingsfabriken assigned guide.

Does not include: Meals, spareclothing, drinkingwater.

Tour distance: 16 - 26km.

Duration: 5-7 hours. 

Startingtime: hrs 8 - 12. (adjusted to predicted winds a couple of days before)

Return: Estimated 5-7 hours from the start.

Participants:  4 - 8 persons

Required skills: We recommend skills of at least Meloja 2,, British canoe Level 2 (EPP2).

We cannot guarantee access to Jussarö island. Safety and moving by kayak between Baggö and Jussarö and experiencing the nature on the route is our goal. If we decide to cancel this tour because of the weather, then customers payments will be returned. If we decide to depart for a paddle and the destination is known not to be Jussarö, we allow the customer to make the choice of participation. In this latter case funds will not be returned. The decision to cancel will be made in mutual agreement.