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Raseborg - Ekenäs through the narrows and reeds, Finland
€75.00 / 6 h

(fin. Melonta Raaseporin linnalta Tammisaaree) This is the most sheltered longer route and towards the end of the summer it is closest to a jungle with all the reed going far above your head. There is reed on both sides and occationally the depth is minimal. At places ypu can barely see the bow of the kayak and fixation points for navigation non-existing. Finding your way requires navigation.

You could definitely imagine swamp crocodiles trapping you behind the next creek. Most of the route is freshwater in which waterlilly grows, and lots of them blooming towards mid and late summer. The Raseborg castle, or partly restored ruins from which we start was initiated in the 14th century. Please come back and have a tour. Tickets are available at the connected shop. Additions to the construction has been made over a couple of hundred years. Do the visit seprarately before or after the 18km paddletour.

The distance of the kayakingtour might feel tiring. Good physical shape ensures that you do not end up being towed the last few kilometers. Especially the last 4km - where the scenery does not change as swiftly has a mental effect.

The tour has been arranged so that you could either drive directly to the Castle in Snappertuna, or be picked up at the Ormnäs Camping resort at which this paddle ends. We stop for a picknick break about halfway.

Booking: At least 7 days in advance

Included: Guide, kayak, paddle, personal floatation, transfer from Ekenäs to the starting point,


  • Sparecloating
  • sunscreen
  • cap
  • sunglasses
  • picknick meal
  • drinking water in a bottle