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Motorboat tour with Petruska
From €134.00 / 2 h
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Kajakki mukaan

We are finalising motorboat "Petruska" with a skipper for rental tours this year 2024. The cabin can be heated and will be comfortable also during early spring and late summer. The boat is a tradional woodbuilt boat from 1977, sized up to nearly 10 meters long and 3 meters wide. Driven by a traditional Ford Diesel engine it is reliable as required by many top brand modern boats. We can accept 8 people and do 7 knots of travel speed.

With us you can get to the Ekenäs Archipelago to enjoy the scenes of the nature, swimming, kayaking or vising the Ekenäs archipelago national park. With the boat skipper you get easily and privately on your own shedule. Picknick can be arranged on request before booking. You can bring your own too. Alcohol use need to be kept to a minimum considering everyones safety and overall enjoyment.

Every passanger is responsible for harm done to themselves, equipment or others. We recommend to check your ensurance. The skipper has his own ensurance.Palveluihin on tulossa retkivene "Petruska" kuljettajalla keväälle 2024, lämmitetyin hytein. Alus on perinteinen uppoumarunkoinen 9.5 pitkä puuvene, sisämoottorilla. Tila on jaettu takakanteen, ohjaushyttiin ja etuhyttiin. Etuhytin päällä on kansi. Rekisteröity 8:lle matkustajalle. Matkanopeus on noin 9 solmua.

We do take request for offer, or just book your tour. Be prepared for us to call or email you for more details.

Destinations could be Ekenäs archipelago national park. More specifically Jussarö or the closer Rödjan on Älgö island. A trip to Rödjan one way is about 1,5 hours or both ways 3 hours added with time spent on the island. Jussarö would be 4 hours added with time on the nature trails, minimum 2 hours.