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Drysuit rental
Kuivapuku: Ursuit 5116 XL, Goretex, Oranssi
Ursuit XL, Goretex, Oranssi
Kuivapuku: Ursuit 5116, L, Goretex, Oranssi
Kuivapuku: Polarsafety 8112, L kokoa, Oranssi, Goretex, Kaksiosainen Rullamaniseteilla
Kuivapuku: Polarsafety 8112, L, Goretex, Sininen kaksiosainen rullamansetein suljettava
Kuivapuku: Polarsafety 8112, M, Sininen, Goretex
Kuivapuku: Polarsafety 8112, XS, Goretex, Sininen

Drysuits can be rented in combination with padelling. Reserve a quarter for usage instructions. Drysuits by themselves do not protect agains cold water, therefore insulating layers of clothing are needed. The best is wool longjohns and sweater. You do also need shoes to protect the drysuit socks from punctures or wear. Floatation (PFD) wests are worn on top and are mandatory. PFD's come with the kayak rental.

Further drysuit instructions are sent by e-mail as soon as the booking has been done.