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Iceclaws and measure made by Kajk.fi

Ice-claws are manufactured in Finland by Kajk.fi. They do not have a CE-labelling which for sales and use in Europe is required for safety equipment. However - they have a noncorrosive and sharp spike, molded into durable plastic. The spike is protuding past 10 mm, and inserted 45 mm into the shaft.

  • Includes a claw holder with neck strap

  • Quick release buckle on the neck strap

  • Plastic is stands agains 100 degree heat, and -15 degree cold

  • Plastic is stiff and flexible

  • The handles float

  • Handles are fixed to the holder with separate lines

Do excersize to use them in safe conditions before you go out on the ice. The less experience you have with potentially weak ice, the more important is not to go alone.