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Kajk pullover 100% wool

Custom, tailored, bespoken pullover for paddling and other sports

  • Custom: Made to measure

  • Fabric: Boiled wool is like lightly felted and denser than knitted wool 

  • Patterns: Design to fit nicely under when shell cloting is needed 

  • Breathable, yet surprisingly wind resistant 

  • Natural, 100% lamb wool

  • Round the clock comfort / Use all day.

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"I experienced flexible felted wool in the early 1970's through paddling, crossing windy waters to school and roaming in the woods. This century I looked for the same comfort and wide range of uses in my dressing. Less is more I felt with jersey like felted wool fabric and shaped custom fit pullovers that I wear today. The recipie gives unhindered movement and basic protection from the elements. This is not grannys knitted garment. It is more windproof and is long lasting. Every day, for a year in every situation and it will protect you. If you feel cold in your activites, it is most often because of humidity. Wool transfers humidity away from your body and keeps you warm. Get yours to fit your measures."

Made to measure for perfect fit, comfort and performance

Kajk bespoken 100% wool jersey is made to your measurement for the perfect fit, comfort and performance. It will give you unparalleled movement and protection while still fitting under you drysuit or shell jacket when needed.

Use it as it is or under a drysuit or shell jacket.

Not your grandpa's pullover

Kajk bespoken jersey is made out of felted 100% lamb wool fabric, naturally warm, breathable and wind resistant. Compared to knitted garment, Kajk is more windproof and is long lasting.

Wear day and night

Kajk bespoken pullover is comfortable and quickly drying to be worn the whole day, even during the night. Natural wool says warm even when moist.

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For customers within EU & EEA: The price includes Finnish VAT.

For customers worldwide outside of the EU & EEA: Please note, that you may need to pay local customs duties and taxes.